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Travaux médicaux et publications

Quicktrach I / Quicktrach II

Année Titre Auteur Langue
2018 Notfallkoniotomie – chirurgisch oder doch Punktion? Mohr DE
2015 Case Report: A Pediatric "Can't Intubate, Can't Ventilate" Scenario Managed Using An Adult Needle Cricothyroidotomy Device Hinde EN
2015 A Case of Acute Upper Airway Obstruction in a Pediatric Hemophilia A Patient Because of Spontaneous Retropharyngeal Hemorrhage Yamamoto EN
2015 Comparison of Quick Track and Melker for emergent invasive airway management during chest compression: A crossover simulation trial Komasawa EN 
2012 Vergleich von Fertigsets zur Koniotomie Helmstaedter  DE 
2011 Emergency Cricothyrotomy in Confined Space Airway Emergencies-a comparison Givens  EN 
2011 Emergency cricothyrotomy in infants - evaluation of a novel device in an animal model Metterlein  EN 
2010  Comparison of 3 cuffed-emergency percutaneous cricothyroidotomy devices Murphy  EN 
2009  Pediatric transtrachel and cricothyrotomy airway devices for emergency use Cóte  EN 
2008  Emergency cricothyroidotomy: a randomized crossover study of four methods Dimitriadis  EN 
2007  Verhaengnisvoller Kloß im Hals Renner  DE 
2007  Trainee Anaesthetists' Performance & Learning Curves for Cricothyroidotomy Techniques Ni Mhuircheartaigh  EN 
2005  Invasive Techniken in der Notfallmedizin Mutzbauer  DE 
2004  Emergency cricothyrotomy, a randomised crossover trial comparing the wire-guided and catheter over needle techniques Fikkers  EN 
2004  Comparison of four different emergency airway access equipment sets on a human patient simulator Vadodaria  EN 
2003  Ventilation of a model lung through various cricothyrotomy devices Craven  EN 
2003  Notfallkoniotomie-Punktion oder chirurgisch-anatomische Praepariertechnik Mutzbauer  DE 
1992  Emergency Tracheal Access Vanner  EN 
1991  Difficult Intubation in the Obstetric Patient Ramanathan  EN 
1991  Emergency Cricothyrotomy Milner  EN 
1988  Evaluation of the Cricothyrotomy... Frei  EN